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Load Testing to Gauge Site Speed

Load testing helps you gauge the impact of having many site visitors at one time, and services that help you do so are much easier to use than, say, coordinating all your neighbors to visit your site at 1:37 p.m. on a Thursday.

For example, Load Impact offers a free service that simulates as many as 50 users at a time visiting your site. The service provides a quick measurement of how well your site would respond if 10, 20, 30, 40, and then 50 people simultaneously used their mobile phones to visit your site.


While the test is running, you see what the 51st person would see by visiting the site with your iPhone or iPad.

If you’re hosting your site on a good hosting company, the resulting curve should be flat, showing the same speed of response for at least 50 people. If you’re expecting more than 50 people at any particular moment, you may want to pay for a more thorough test to ensure that everyone can see your site in a reasonable amount of time.