Knowing Multiple Ways to Save Documents in InDesign CS3 - dummies

Knowing Multiple Ways to Save Documents in InDesign CS3

By Galen Gruman

The InDesign File menu contains a group of commands — Close, Save, Save As, Save a Copy, Check In, and Revert — that provide options for saving the active (frontmost) document. Here’s a rundown of what each command does:

  • Close (Command+W, or Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4) closes the active document. If the document has never been saved or if it has been changed since it was last saved, a dialog box lets you save, close without saving, or cancel and return to the document.
    To close multiple windows at once, use the shortcuts Option+Shift+Command+F4 or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+W.
  • Save (Command+S or Ctrl+S) saves changes you’ve made to the active document since you last saved. (If you choose Save for a document that hasn’t yet been saved, the Save As dialog box is displayed.)
  • Save As (Option+Command+S or Ctrl+Alt+S) lets you save a copy of the active document using a different name (or with the same name in a different folder). When you choose Save As — and when you choose Save for an unsaved document — the Save As dialog box appears. This dialog box lets you create or choose a folder for the document, as well as name the document.
  • Check In saves the current document as a version within a Version Cue project. (Version Cue is Adobe software that helps track different versions of your projects.) This latest save will be considered a version of the previously saved file. (This expert option is available only if Version Cue is enabled. It had been called Save a Version in previous versions of InDesign.)
  • Save a Copy lets you create a copy of the active document in a different (or in the same) folder using a different (or the same) name. When you use the Save a Copy command, the original document remains open and retains its original name. It differs from Save As only in that it keeps the original document open.
  • Revert undoes all changes you’ve made to a document since you last saved it.