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Overview of a Newly Installed Joomla CMS Site

By Seamus Bellamy, Steve Holzner

Once you have installed Joomla Content Management System (CMS), take a tour of your newly created site. To give Joomla a test drive, click the Site button in the final installation page, or navigate to your site in your web browser. You should see the Joomla front page, displaying the sample data.


Order from the Joomla menus

You’ll notice plenty of menus on the front page. Menus are much more important in Joomla than you may think. You can’t publish content to your site without connecting that content to a menu item — and the way you configure a menu determines the actual layout of the content when a user sees it.

Top menu

The horizontal bar at the top of the page, which is called the top menu (also called the pill menu because of its shape), contains these general Joomla commands:

  • Home

  • Sample Sites

  • Joomla.org

About Joomla! menu

The About Joomla menu contains links to several Joomla resources:

  • Getting Started

  • Using Joomla!

  • The Joomla! Project

  • The Joomla! Community

This Site menu

The This Site pane on the left side of the page has these somewhat more important items:

  • Home

  • Site Map

  • Login

  • Sample Sites

  • Site Administrator

  • Example Pages

Tour the Joomla modules

The front page is divided into sections, including Joomla! Beginners, and Polls. Those sections are Joomla modules. Working with each section as a discrete module makes front-page management a snap.

The actual content of the page, such as the Welcome to the Frontpage section, isn’t a module; it’s actually an article that’s been published to the front page.

The positions of the modules and other content in the front page — or any Joomla page, for that matter — is set by the Joomla template you’re using for your site. You can work with different templates to change not only the color scheme of your site, but also the arrangement of its content.

Control the action in Joomla

A link on the front page takes you straight to the administrator’s control panel, which allows you to control the site behind the scenes. To see the control panel, click the Administrator link in the Resources menu or navigate to yoursite/administrator (such as www.myjoomla123.com/administrator).

Log in as the Joomla administrator

When you click the Administrator link, you see the login page.


Enter the username name and the password you entered in the Main Configuration page of the Joomla installation process; then click Login. Joomla displays the administration control panel.


Congratulations — now you’re operating behind the scenes, and you’ve got the power to run things. Nice going, Joomla boss!

Meet the Joomla managers

Take a look at the icons in the control panel. These icons represent Joomla managers, which you use to — surprise, surprise — manage your site. Even more managers are available from the Extensions drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Working with and mastering these managers is the heart of managing your site with Joomla; you need to get very familiar with all of them.