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Joomla Extensions to Set Up an Online Store for a Global Audience

By Seamus Bellamy, Steve Holzner

If you are using Joomla to create an online store, VirtueMart provides much of the functionality that you need right out of the box. If you are hoping to serve customers in more than one language, Joom!Fish can help you segment your site by the languages that you support.


VirtueMart is a complete, if complex, online store system that displays your store and catalog, and includes a shopping cart. You can use it to manage an unlimited number of categories, products, orders, discounts, and shopper groups, as well as individual customers.

VirtueMart is famous in the Joomla community because it allows you to integrate an online store with a Joomla site. It has plenty of fans — and also plenty of detractors.

At this writing, VirtueMart has a 4-star rating with 460 user reviews. Some people find it great; others think it’s complex and buggy. Read the reviews for more information.


With the exception of a few nations that monitor and intercept web traffic, and the barrier of the world’s myriad of languages, there are no boundaries to who can visit or enjoy what your Joomla site has to offer.

Although Joom!Fish can’t break down the walls built by unjust regimes that would restrict the free flow of information, it does a wonderful job of making your page understandable to readers around the world by regionalizing and managing your site’s content.

Once Joom!Fish is up and running on your site, your readers can read your content in any number of languages—provided you have the linguistic chops to translate it for them first. This extension is a must for anyone planning a site for international consumption.