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Joomla Extensions to Publish Your Events and Direct People to Them

By Seamus Bellamy, Steve Holzner

Joomla extensions can help you to publish a calendar of events that you hope your visitors will want to attend. And, if they do, there’s an extension to provide directions to the event location, assuming it’s not a virtual event.

JEvents Events Calendar

JEvents is another extension that Joomla could have used out of the box. JEvents allows you to post a calendar of events on your site. This powerful extension can display repeating patterns of events as well as one-off events in several formats.

You can also categorize events and customize calendar views to show some or all of those categories. If you’re running a community or group-based site, such as a bulletin board for a little league team, JEvents could be a great tool for keeping everyone on the same page.

Google Maps Module or Plug-in

In the period of a few short years, Google has not only changed the way you search the Internet but has also made navigating your life offline easier. For example, Google Maps is a great way to plan trips, measure distances, and check out the terrain of far-flung places or the location of a coffee shop across town without ever having to leave your computer.

Thanks to this great plug-in, you can bring Google Maps functionality to your site’s visitors. To make their product flexible enough to use in a variety of situations, the Google Maps module is also available as a plug-in! You can’t ask for more versatility than that.