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How to Use Joomla to Publish and Unpublish Content on Schedule

By Seamus Bellamy, Steve Holzner

You may have articles in Joomla that need to appear on your website on a certain schedule. Perhaps you’re promoting a picnic (and need to take down the notice about it when the picnic is over) or a theatrical production (and need to display the notice only when tickets are available). Joomla helps with this task.

How to publish articles in the future with Joomla

You can create articles that will be published at some future time. Suppose that your not-for-profit organization is running a raffle from now until March 2, 2010, and you want to publicize the raffle. You create this article by clicking the Add New Article icon in the control panel or by clicking the New button in Article Manager.

Suppose, however, that you don’t want this article to appear until December. To make sure of that, set the publication details in the Publishing Options section on the right side of the article editor. To start publishing on December 1, 2010, at midnight, for example, enter 2010-12-01 00:00 in the Publish Start text box.

When setting a time to publish or unpublish an article, instead of manually entering the date, you can also choose to click the calendar icon next to the Start Publishing or Finish Publishing fields located in the Publishing Options pane. After you click the icon, a calendar interface opens. Simply click the date you’re after and you’ll be in business!


How to use Joomla to stop publishing in the future

You can also end the publication of an article on a date in the future. To continue the example, perhaps the raffle ends April 14, 2012, so you’d want to stop publication on that date.

That’s easy enough to do. To make Joomla end the publication of an article (or unpublish the article, taking it off the site), enter the stop date in the Finish Publishing text box of the Parameters – Article section.

Be sure to use yyyy-mm-dd date format and set your time using a 24-hour clock when entering Publish Start or Publish Finish information. You can also save yourself the sheer drudgery of entering the date manually by simply clicking the calendar icon next to the Publish Start and Publish Finish data fields.


How to unpublish now in Joomla

Finally, you can unpublish an article immediately.

To unpublish multiple articles in Joomla at the same time, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Article Manager icon in the Administration control panel or choose Content→Article Manager in any back-end page to open Article Manager.

  2. Select the boxes next to the names of the articles you want to Unpublish.

  3. At the top of the Article Manager: Articles page, click the red O to Unpublish the article.

If you only need to unpublish one article, you can do so by simply navigating to the Article Manager and once there, clicking on the green checkmark icon in the article’s column. Clicking the icon refreshes Article Manager, at which time you can see that your formerly published article status has been changed to unpublished.

Unpublishing an article doesn’t remove the menu item that points to it, however. The menu item is still listed in its original menu. If users click that item, they get an error page. So you have to unpublish the menu item as well. To unpublish a menu item:

  1. Click the Menu Manager icon in the control panel or choose Menus→Menu Manager in any back-end page to open Menu Manager.

    Menu Manager opens.

  2. Click the Menu Items tab in the top-left corner of the page.

    Menu Manager: Menu Items opens.

  3. Select the check box next to the name of the menu item you want to Unpublish. Now click the red O Unpublish icon at the top-right of the page.