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How to Submit Your Joomla Site to Search Engines

By Seamus Bellamy, Steve Holzner

When you’ve optimized your Joomla site for search engines, it’s time to submit it to the search engines. The search engines probably will find your site sooner or later, but you can speed the process by submitting your site to them.

Submit your site only once to each of the search engines. The search engines will hold it against you if you submit more than once in quick succession.

It can take some time for the search engines to get around to spidering your site after you submit it. Remember: Patience is a virtue!

You could use third-party search engine submission software to do the job for you, but a lot of this software does a sloppy and incomplete job of submitting sites to any given search engine. Also, sites that are submitted to too many search engines at the same time run the risk of being banned.

On the other hand, software to evaluate your site’s SEO can be a good idea. Plenty of software is available to check your site and give you a report, complete with recommendations on what to do to get your site in shape.

The following are a few desktop programs, all of which cost money (note: Inclusion here doesn’t constitute endorsement!):

The following are some online programs, which are free or have free trials: