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How to Remove Articles from Joomla Content Management System

By Seamus Bellamy, Steve Holzner

You use Article Manager to remove an unwanted article from your Joomla content management system (CMS). To open Article Manager, click its icon in the Administration control panel or choose Content→Article Manager in any back-end page.

Before you go hunting for anything in Joomla, always check to ensure that you cleared out the search field since the last time that you used the CMS’s built in search features. Failure to do so will make your search a whole lot harder and could lead to an urge to pull out your own hair!


View Joomla articles

By default, Article Manager displays this information about articles:

  • Title: Lists the title of the article.

  • Published: Indicates whether the article has been published.

  • Featured: Indicates whether the article is marked as a featured article.

  • Category: Lists the category of the article.

  • Ordering: Indicates the location of the article on the page. In some instances, you can move articles around by adjusting this setting.

  • Access: Indicates who can see this article. Public means everyone, for example; Registered means only logged-in users.

  • Created By: Lists the author of the article.

  • Date: The date the article was created.

  • Hits: Shows the number of hits the article has received.

  • Language: Shows the language the article is written in.

  • ID: Shows the internal Joomla ID number for the article.

The two columns that will concern you the most on a regular basis are the Published and Featured columns. The Published column indicates the state of an article — whether or not it is visible to readers on the front end of your site. Featured indicates whether an article is published — that is, visible on your site in places where you want important articles placed for emphasis, such as your front page.

Filter articles in Joomla

Many articles come with the Joomla sample content provided as an installation option, but that number is nothing compared with the number of articles on a Joomla site that’s been up for years. You may have to search through thousands of articles to find the one you want to manage in Article Manager. To zero in on the article you’re interested in, you need to filter the results.

To filter the articles displayed in Article Manager, follow these steps:

  1. In the Filter text box in the top-left corner of the Article Manager window, enter a filter criterion (such as article title).

    For this example, enter the title of the article you’re looking for: Beginners.

  2. Click the Search button next to the text box.

    Joomla displays the filtered results.


Bingo. You’ve found the article you want to work with.

Unpublish articles in Joomla

To unpublish an article, simply click the green check in its Published column. For this example, your task is to unpublish the “Beginners” article, so click the icon in its Published column, changing it from a green check mark to a red circle.