How to Modify Joomla Content Management Menus - dummies

How to Modify Joomla Content Management Menus

By Seamus Bellamy, Steve Holzner

The module called “This Site” on the Joomla front page contains a Sample Sites item. It may be nice for you as a content manager to view the sample sites to see what Joomla is capable of, but you will want to get rid of it before publishing your site to your users.

So how do you modify a menu? If you said, “Menu Manager,” you’re right. Go to the control panel (by logging into the back end or choosing Site→Control Panel in any back-end page), and open Menu Manager.


The Joomla installation sample date provides these menus:

  • User Menu

  • Top

  • About Joomla

  • Australian Parks

  • Main Menu

  • Fruit Shop

If you opted to forego the installation of the sample data, you should note that Joomla’s default installation only includes Main Menu with one menu item in it called Home.

Remove Joomla menus

Your task is to remove the Sample Sites item from the This Site menu. Intuitively, you might be compelled to work with a menu called This Site. However, this time, that’s not how Joomla works. With Joomla, multiple modules can point to the same menu.

In this instance, the name of the module you will be working with is called Main Menu. To remove the menu, you need to use Menu Manager, which can be reached by clicking Menus→Menu Manager in any back-end page. Once there, click Main Menu. Doing so opens the Menu Items Manager. Notice that it lists the same menu items that are found under the This Site Menu on the front end.


By default, you find these items in the This Site menu:

  • Home

  • Site Map

  • |_Articles

  • |_weblinks

  • |_Contacts

  • Login

  • Sample Sites

  • |_Parks

  • |_Shop

  • Site Administrator

  • Example Pages

Notice that the Articles menu item is preceded by a vertical pipe and an underscore (|_). These characters mean that Articles is a submenu of the preceding item, Site Map.

To remove, or unpublish, a menu item, click the check box next to it in Menu Manager and then click the Unpublish button at the top of the page. For this exercise, click the Sample Sites check box. When you view the front page again, that menu item no longer appears in the This Site menu. Nice.


Rename Joomla menus

The This Site menu on the front page is part of Joomla’s default installation. You may want to rename it.

To change a menu name, you use Module Manager, not Menu Manager. (Menus are displayed in modules.) Follow these steps:

  1. Choose Extensions→Module Manager in any back-end page.

    Module Manager opens.

  2. Select the hyperlink for the module you want to rename.

    For this exercise, select This Site. The selected module opens in Module Manager.

  3. In the Details pane, enter the new name in the Title text box.

    For this exercise, type Joomla! Stuff.

  4. Click the Save button.

    Joomla displays an Item Saved message.


  5. Click the Close button at the top of the page to return to the Module Manager.

  6. Preview the site by clicking View Site to confirm the change.

    The renamed menu (that is, module) appears.