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How to List the Most Read Content on Your Joomla Website

By Seamus Bellamy, Steve Holzner

The Most Read Content module publishes a list of links to the articles on your Joomla site that have received the most hits. Enabling the module on some of your site’s more prominent pages is a great way to introduce new visitors to your site to some of its best content.

By default, the Most Read Content module is enabled. However, depending on what template, or module ordering, you’ve chosen to use on your site, you may have to change a few of the module’s settings such as the module’s ordering or position.

If you want to change any of its settings, choose Extensions→Module Manager in any back-end page to open Module Manager. Once Module Manager has opened, locate the module either by working your way through all of Module Manager’s content or, better yet, by using the page’s built-in search function, located on the top left-hand side of the page.

No matter how you find it, click the module’s name and open it to get down to work. You’ll be greeted by the module’s administration page, which you may notice to have a number of features — such as a Details pane, a Menu Assignment pane, and a Basic Options pane —that many of the other modules you have worked with may share.

By default, the module is set to appear near the top of the pages it has been enabled on. However, Articles Most Read Content module shown looks pretty good when placed off to the left side of a Joomla page too.