How to Let Users Manage Their Own Accounts in Joomla - dummies

How to Let Users Manage Their Own Accounts in Joomla

By Seamus Bellamy, Steve Holzner

Although you can manage users from the back end, Joomla provides good facilities that permit users to manage themselves as well. You can create pages where users can register, log in, reset their passwords, be reminded of their passwords, and so on.

Create user-management pages

To create pages that allow users to manage themselves, you use Menu Manager. When you create a menu item, the New Menu Item page displays an entry named User. If you expand that entry, you see the following options:

  • Login → Default Login Layout (allows users to log in)

  • Register → Default Registration Layout (allows new users to register)

  • Remind →> Default Remind (allows users to retrieve forgotten passwords)

  • Reset– > Default Reset Layout (allows users to reset passwords)

  • User → Default User Layout (shows a greeting message when a user logs on)

  • User → User Form Layout (allows users to edit their account details, set new passwords, and so on)

Allow users to edit their accounts

You can permit users to edit their own account details in an Edit User Profile page. To create such a page and a menu item that links to it, follow these steps:

  1. Open Menu Manager by clicking its icon in the control panel or choosing Menus→Menu Manager in any back-end page.

  2. Click the name of the menu you want to add the Edit User Profile Menu Item to.

    For this exercise, select Main Menu.

  3. Click the New button to open the New Menu Item page.

    The New Menu Item page opens.

  4. Click the Select button located next to the Menu Item Type field.

    The Select a Menu Item Type pop-up appears.


  5. In the Title text box, enter a title for the menu item.

    For this exercise, type Edit Your Profile.

  6. Select Edit User Profile as the menu item type.

    You return to Menu Manager: Edit Menu Item.

  7. Click Save & Close.

To view the fruits of your labor, click the View Site link from the top of any back-end page to navigate to your Joomla site. If you followed these instructions, you’ll find the Edit Your Account menu item in the About Joomla! menu.

Click on it and, if you’ve signed in with a user account on the front end, you’ll be whisked away to the Edit Your Profile page. If you haven’t signed in, you will encounter a dialogue encouraging you to do so before being allowed to proceed to the page.


After a user gains access to the page, he can edit the following items:





Verify Password

User Editor

Front-End Language

Time Zone

And that’s that. Now users can manage much of their own accounts themselves.