Getting to Know the Banner Component in Joomla - dummies

Getting to Know the Banner Component in Joomla

By Seamus Bellamy, Steve Holzner

In simple terms, the Banner component allows you to manage the banner advertisements for your website. To open the Banner component, click Components→Banner from any back-end page. After doing so, you’ll gain access to the Banner Manager: Banners page.

Banners are the long, thin rectangular advertisements you often see on websites. Placing banner ads on your Joomla site is a great way to alert your site’s visitors to new products that you have available. You may also choose to sell your site space on a monthly or per-click basis to individuals or companies that want to get the word out about what they have to offer to consumers.


The Banner Manager: Banners page’s interface is similar to other Joomla components such as Article Manager. It has, for example, the same New, Edit, Publish, and Trash buttons that you may have noticed in use in other Joomla modules and components.

Additionally, looking to the example of Article Manager again, Banner Manager: Banners organizes your banners by slotting them into rows, with information for each banner kept in its place under several column headings.


Note the tabs in the top left of the Banner Manager: Banners page. Each of these tabs serves a specific purpose in managing your Banner content:

  • Banners: This tab is where you set up your banner ads.

  • Categories: This tab is where you set up categories to file your site’s banners under.

  • Clients: This tab is where you set up your clients.

  • Tracks: This displays all the “traffic” your banners have seen. It tracks both impressions (being displayed on the website) as well as the number of clicks each of your site’s banners receives.

Take a look at the purpose that each tab serves.

Components typically reside in the central area of a Joomla website, displaying articles, images, and other site content destined for consumption by your site’s visitors. Modules are simple programs that, as a rule, tell your site content — which is typically displayed by components — where it should show up on your site. Without components, modules would often have precious little to do.

Conversely, components need the direction provided by modules so that they know what should show up on your site. It’s a perfect circle of Joomla! With this in mind, let’s take a look at how Joomla handles banner content.