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Display External Websites in a Wrapper in Your Joomla Website

By Seamus Bellamy, Steve Holzner

The Wrapper module lets you display external sites in wrappers (square frames) on your Joomla site. Here’s a great real life explanation from a Joomla developer of how the Wrapper module can be put into service:

“A client of mine is a local library. Like most libraries their book catalog search is provided by a third party’s website. I took their portal into that catalog search website and embedded it in their website using a wrapper. It is a separate website, but contains pertinent information within the context of that library’s website. Wrappers let you show the content of the other website without having your users leave the current website.”

It’s worth mentioning that you can do the same with wrapper menu items as you can with the Wrapper module, allowing you to pull a rich variety of off-site content on to your Joomla site that your visitors can enjoy.

The Wrapper module is enabled only if you included the Joomla sample data when you installed the CMS. If not, you’ll have to create a new instance of the module. If you installed the sample data, you can enable the Wrapper module by selecting Published from the Published drop-down list, located in the module’s Details pane.


In the module’s Basic Options pane, you can supply the URL of the site you want to wrap by typing it in the URL text box. In the same pane, you also have the option of enabling or disabling a scroll bar for the wrapped content and can control the size of the wrapper by using the options provided under the Width, Height, and Auto Height features.

That creates a new wrapper for the Free Software Foundation website.


The Wrapper module works by using an HTML IFrame element to wrap and display the external site.