Create Author, Editor, and Publisher Accounts in Joomla - dummies

Create Author, Editor, and Publisher Accounts in Joomla

By Seamus Bellamy, Steve Holzner

Joomla has three classes of users — front-end users, back-end users, and a special class that falls somewhere in between. Within this class are three user groups:

  • Authors can submit articles.

  • Editors can submit new articles and edit existing articles.

  • Publishers can submit new articles, edit existing articles, and publish articles.

Create Joomla site Authors

In its default configuration the Author Group is set up to allow users to write articles and submit them on your site. However, as with the rest of the default groups that are installed with Joomla, as well as those that you create to meet your site’s needs, the Author group can be altered to allow any number of levels of permission.

Providing registered users with a level of access like that seen in the default settings of the Author Group is a great way to allow your site’s registered users to contribute to your Joomla site and give it a real sense of community. To add a new author, click the New button in User Manager: Users to display the New User page; then fill in the user’s account information, making sure to add the user to the Author group. When you finish, click the Save button.


Create Joomla site Editors

Like authors, the default Editors group belongs to the special users group; also like authors, they can submit articles. But they can edit articles, too, and their edits appear on the site as soon as they make them. And, just in case you were wondering, just like the Author group, the Editor group can be deleted or altered to suit your needs too.

To add a new editor to your site, enter the appropriate information in the New User page, making sure to add the new user to the Editor group.

As with other default and sample data User Groups, the Editor group’s access levels and name may be changed to suit your needs.


Create Joomla site Publishers

Publishers are the most powerful of the front-end users. Like authors, they can submit articles. Like editors, they can edit articles, and their edits appear online immediately. But they also have the authority to publish and unpublish articles on your website — without back-end approval.

Adding a new publisher is simple enough; just set the appropriate options in the New User page.

As with other default User groups, the Publishers group’s access levels and name may be changed to suit your needs.


No matter how you want to manage your site’s user permissions, with Joomla you’ll be able to tailor a solution to suit your needs.