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Add Keywords to Your Joomla Website for Search Engine Optimization

By Seamus Bellamy, Steve Holzner

A few well-chosen keywords on your Joomla site can be a pretty powerful weapon in the constant battle to drive more visitors to your web page.

Find keywords to use

How do you determine what keywords to use? There are all kinds of helpful keyword tools and resources available online, including these:

Just enter a topic, and the keyword tool suggests keywords that you can use to let people search for your topic.


Add keywords as metadata

After you’ve settled on your keywords, you can tell Joomla to add them to your pages as metadata. Metadata (data about your web page) is stored on your page in <meta> HTML tags, and search engines read those tags. You can place information in the <meta> tags that you want search engines to know, such as what keywords you want users to find your page with when they search the web.

You can use as many keywords on a page as you want, but Google recommends using no more than 20 per page. These days, many search engines penalize websites that “stuff” too many keywords into a site or page’s meta tag.

To enter keywords for an article, follow these steps:

  1. Click the article in Article Manager to open the Edit Article page.

  2. Click the Metadata Options bar on the right side of the page to open the Metadata Options pane.

  3. In the Meta Keywords text box, enter the keywords you want to assign to the article, separating them with commas.


  4. Click the Save button to save your work, or click the Save & Close button to save your work and close the article-editor page.

It’s worth mentioning that most search engines take what you type pretty literally. Were you to enter Ice Cream, Ice Cream Cones, Chocolate Ice Cream as keywords, the search engine take the words Ice and Cream three times. As such, it’s best to focus on using words, as opposed to phrases when inputting keywords.

Enter other metadata

Keywords are only one type of metadata you can add to a page. You can also enter the following types of metadata in the Metadata Options pane:

  • Description: A human-readable description of your page, such as SuperDuperMegaCo’s Chocolate ice cream bars are made from some of the best stuff in the universe!

  • External Reference: An optional reference used to link the article to external data sources.