Create a Hyperlink, Load a Web Page, and More with JavaScript

Part of JavaScript For Dummies Cheat Sheet

JavaScript helps you include all sorts of fun and interactive elements on a Web page, and the following table shows you how to do the kinds of tasks you want to be able to do with JavaScript. Whether you want to load a Web page or copy some code, check for the how-to here:

To Do This Do This in Navigator Do This in Internet Explorer
Load a JavaScript-enabled Web page Double-click on the Navigator icon of a file on your machine;
or File→Open Page
Look at someone else’s JavaScript code View→Page Source View→Source
Find a JavaScript-related news group Window→ Mail & Newsgroups Tools→Mail and News→Read News
Copy and paste someone else’s JavaScript code Ctrl+C to copy; Ctrl+V to paste Ctrl+C to copy; Ctrl+V to paste
Create a hyperlink <A> . . . </A> <A> . . . </A>
Create an HTML form <FORM> . . . </FORM <FORM> . . . </FORM