How to Set Up the EventsController in the MainStoryboard in Your iOS App

By Jesse Feiler

If you want to add the EventsController to your iOS app, you need to tell the storyboard to load your custom view controller (once you have the controller prepared) rather than a UIViewController. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. In the Project navigator, select Main_iPad.storyboard and, in the Document Outline, select View Controller – Events in the View Controller – Events Scene.

    You should see the Events view controller selected on the Canvas.

  2. Open the Utility area and then click the Identity Inspector icon in the Inspector selector to open the Identity inspector in the Utility area.

    You should see a drop-down menu with choices.

  3. Choose EventsController from the Class drop-down menu (replacing UIViewController) in the Custom Class section.

In other controllers, you may have added a web view, but you won’t be doing that here. You may also have created an outlet, but you don’t need that here, either. Instead, you’ll use a web view and create an outlet in the EventPageController. The EventPageController is what you’ll need to add to implement a UIPageViewController. See what kind of versatility you have with iOS apps?