Importing Word-Processor Text into an InDesign CS3 Frame - dummies

Importing Word-Processor Text into an InDesign CS3 Frame

By Galen Gruman

You can import text from a word processor file (Word 97/98 or later, RTF, text-only/ASCII, or InDesign Tagged Text files) into an InDesign text frame by using the Place dialog box. You can also import Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (version 97/98 or later). Many of the text’s original styles will remain intact, although you will want to review the imported text carefully to see if any adjustments need to be made.

Follow these steps to place imported text:

1. Choose File –> Place, or press Command+D or Ctrl+D to open the Place dialog box.

2. Locate the text file you want to import.

3. To specify how to handle current formatting in the file, check the Show Import Options check box.

This opens the appropriate Import Options dialog box for the text file’s format. (Note that there are no import options for ASCII text.) Then click OK to return to the Place dialog box.

4. Click the Open button to import the text.

If you selected an empty frame with the Type tool, InDesign will flow the text into that frame. If you selected a text frame with the Type tool, InDesign will flow the text at the text-insertion point in that frame, inserting the new text within the existing text.

If you hadn’t already selected a frame before starting to import the text, specify where to place it by clicking and dragging the loaded-text icon to create a rectangular text frame, clicking in an existing frame, or clicking in any empty frame.

You can now select multiple files — text and/or graphics — by Shift+clicking a range or Command+clicking or Ctrl+clicking multiple files one by one. InDesign will let you place each file in a separate frame. Just click once for each file imported, or Shift+Command+click or Ctrl+Shift+click to have InDesign place all files on the page in separate frames. The loaded-text icon will show the number of files to be placed, as well as a mini preview of each file.

When placing files, you can use the keyboard left- and right-arrow keys to move through the thumbnail previews before clicking to place the one whose thumbnail preview is currently displayed, so you can place the files in any order you want.

You can’t click on a master text frame — a text frame that is placed on the page by the master page in use — and simply start typing. To select a master text frame and add text to it, just Shift+Command+click or Ctrl+Shift+click it.