Illustrator CS4 Type Shortcuts - dummies

Illustrator CS4 Type Shortcuts

By Ted Alspach

Part of Illustrator CS4 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Whether you’re creating simple paragraphs or designing intricate artwork, here a few commands and their keyboard shortcuts (Mac and PC) to easily manipulate type in Adobe Illustrator CS4:

To Do This Mac Shortcut Windows Shortcut
Align text to left, right, or center Shift+Ô+L, R, or C Shift+Ctrl+L, R, or C
Justify text Shift+Ô+J Shift+Ctrl+J
Increase font size Shift+Ô+. (period) Shift+Ctrl+. (period)
Decrease font size Shift+Ô+, (comma) Shift+Ctrl+, (comma)
Select entire word Double-click word Double-click word
Select entire paragraph Triple-click a word in the paragraph Triple-click a word in the paragraph