5 High Impact Form Tools in HTML5 - dummies

5 High Impact Form Tools in HTML5

By David Karlins, Judith Muhr

HTML5’s new form tools are high impact, and highly underrated. Lost among the buzz, hype and hoopla around native video and pre-defined semantic layout tags is an appreciation for how these new features allow web designers to create forms every bit as inviting and accessible as those turned out by design operations with unlimited resources. Here are five of the most important of these:

  • Placeholder text makes forms more intuitive, and can reduce clutter, particularly in mobile devices, by prompting for input within a form field.


  • E-mail validation tests input and requires input that looks like an e-mail address.


  • Data lists make data entry simple with filtered auto-complete prompts.


  • Date input types prompt uses with a popup calendar.


  • Form output elements calculate user input.