Top Free Online Resources for HTML5 and CSS3 - dummies

Top Free Online Resources for HTML5 and CSS3

By David Karlins, Judith Muhr

Part of HTML5 & CSS3 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You’ve heard the old saying, “Freedom of speech ain’t free.” That applies to web design as well, unless you tap into the most useful free resources. Here’s a list of the top free resources you can find online for HTML5 and CSS3:

  • Free web hosting is available from Their free sites are ad-free, support server-side scripting, and have a reasonably reliable uptime record.

  • You need books (like HTML5 & CSS3 For Dummies — to take a random example) to provide an overview of how to build websites. But detailed resources that supplement that knowledge are available online and the most useful is

  • You can build a powerful, fully mobile-friendly Web app using the tools at jQuery Mobile.

  • While at jQuery Mobile, check out free, custom theming (styles) from ThemeRoller.

  • Trouble-shoot and validate your code with tools at W3C. Check CSS at and HTML at

  • Generate free color schemes at Adobe’s Kuler.

  • Need a reliable search box for your site but have zero dollars in your search box budget? Use FreeFind, which creates search boxes for your site, without using or selling data on who searches for what at your site.

  • How about a free blog? Get one at Blogger.

  • Finally, help people find you with a Google map embedded in your site.