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Host Your Mobile Video on Vimeo

Vimeo delivers video to a wide range of devices, thanks to its universal player. As a web designer, you simply add a single embed code to insert the video on a page. Vimeo does all the device detection for you, so that your video is optimized for a wide audience.

Whenever someone visits your site where you have used the Vimeo embed code to display a video, Vimeo determines which kind of device is being used to view the video and chooses the best format and player based on which features the device supports.

A snippet of Java code is even provided that you can add to your sites to automatically upgrade the old embed codes, so you don’t have to laboriously strip out the old embed codes and replace them with new ones.

In addition to delivering great video, you can embed the video directly into your web pages — a sharp contrast to the way most video is played on the web. If you simply link to a video on most hosting sites, an iPhone user who clicks your video watches the Safari browser close, the screen go blank for a moment, and then the video player launch to play the video.

This process has been notoriously subject to crashing or causing long delays (although recent updates to Apple’s iOS have mitigated this), which is why being able to play a video within a web page is a much better scenario.

Of course, on the iPad, the combination of the multitasking updates in iOS 4 and the larger screen size now provide a much different experience. Videos embedded on web pages play on those very same web pages (well, as long as they’re in iPad-compatible formats), without your having to exit Safari to another screen.

Vimeo once required users to upgrade to a Pro account before they would transcode their videos for playback on mobile devices, but it now makes delivery to mobile available to everyone who uses its service. You can sign up for a free account and upload video to Vimeo by using its upload page, as shown.


Any new video you add using Vimeo will work across most devices, but if you added Vimeo videos to your website before Vimeo started supporting the iPhone/iPad, you need to change the embed code. Fortunately, you can upgrade all your embed codes automatically by inserting the following code into your web page just before the closing </body> tag on any page where you display Vimeo videos:

<script src=""></script>