Host Mobile Video on YouTube - dummies

Host Mobile Video on YouTube

For mobile web designers who don’t want to struggle to figure out whole new lexicons of technical specifications, the simplest option is to let YouTube, shown in the figure, do all the work of hosting and delivering video.

YouTube makes all its video mobile friendly, delivering the best version for each device.


When you upload a video to this popular website, you have two options for how to include the video on your website:

  • Link to a YouTube video. If you add a link to a video on the YouTube site from your web page, when a visitor clicks the link, the YouTube site opens in Safari on both the iPhone and iPad.

  • Embed a YouTube video. YouTube also makes it possible for you to copy a snippet of code from the YouTube site to embed a video directly into your web page, in much the way Vimeo does in the exercise in the previous section. When you use the embed code, the video plays in place in your page when viewed in an iPad.

    On an iPhone, when a visitor plays an embedded video, the iPhone video player launches and plays the video full screen. The visitor must then close the video window to return to your website in Safari.