Handy Keyboard Shortcuts in Acrobat 6 - dummies

Handy Keyboard Shortcuts in Acrobat 6

By Greg Harvey

Part of Adobe Acrobat 6 PDF For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Adobe Acrobat 6 is chock-full of keyboard shortcuts. To make these keystrokes work, choose Edit→Preferences or press Ctrl+K (Acrobat→Preferences or Command+K on Mac) to open the Preferences dialog box. Choose General on the scroll list to display those options in the dialog box, and in the Miscellaneous area, select the Use Single-Key Accelerators to Access Tools check box, and then click OK.

When the feature is activated, the ToolTips that appear when you hover the mouse pointer over a button tool show not only the tool’s name but its keystroke shortcut, or single-key accelerators, as Adobe likes to call them.

The following table shows the shortcut keystrokes for all the tools in Acrobat 6 that use the single-key accelerators feature:

Shortcut Keys for Selecting Acrobat 6 Tools
Toolbar Tool Shortcut Keys
Basic Tools Hand H
Select Text V
Snapshot G
Zoom Zoom In Z
Commenting Note S
Indicate Text Edits E
Stamp K
Highlight Text U
Advanced Commenting Rectangle D
Text Box X
Pencil N
Attach File J
Advanced Editing Select Object R
Article A
Crop C
Link L
Form F
Movie M
TouchUp Text T
Measuring Distance B