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Get Your Mobile Site Ranked on Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites rank the popularity of web pages by the number of votes they get. The result is that these sites are excellent resources for people who want to keep up with what’s popular online. Most offer special software that makes it easy for anyone to vote on a site.

Getting your site listed on social bookmarking sites is a highly effective way to increase traffic. Dozens of these sites and services exist, with more sure to come, and they feature catchy and unusual names, such as Digg, delicious, StumbleUpon, and reddit. After all, the more inbound links you get from popular sites, the better page ranking you get in search engine results (sometimes known as “Google Juice”).

Although delicious is designed to store and share bookmarks, and features a mobile version, it’s a great place to promote your site. One feature of delicious is the ability to share your links with your friends. It’s helpful because you can not only promote your latest creations but also use their links as a way to find out what the latest, hottest, funniest trend on the web is all about.


While you can submit your own pages on any of these sites, they generally frown on it, and if you do it too frequently, you can be banned. Besides, your one little vote doesn’t make much difference anyway. A better method is to add to your site a button from each of these services that helps your visitors easily vote for you.

If you’re a blogger, you can add a button every time you post. You can get the buttons (“chiclets”) for free and add them to your pages by simply inserting a little code you generate on the social networking site.