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Find a Gallery Plug-in for Your Website

To make it easier for your website to display images on the iPad and iPhone, you can use an expanding array of programs, plug-ins, and online photo services to spruce up your mobile site with slide shows and galleries.

There are too many to mention them all, but the following list describes some of the best:

  • Jaipho: This free JavaScript gallery is designed for the iPhone/iPad and lets you easily create a gallery that mimics the look and feel of the original iPhone Photos application. You can quickly scroll through photos, both vertically and horizontally. Just tap a photo to enlarge it and then tap again to return to browsing.

    Jaipho includes a companion application — Pipho — which is installed on the server to help users easily add images to galleries by uploading them.

  • Dreamweaver extensions: Extensions are little plug-ins or widgets that you can add to Dreamweaver to empower it to do things that weren’t possible in the original program. Free and paid extensions are available, and they’re continually being added to or updated.

    Search for “slideshow” or “gallery” and read the descriptions of the features of the plug-in to find the one that best suits your needs and creative vision.

  • Shadowbox: Shadowbox is one of the most popular and flexible plug-ins for users of WordPress blogs, but you can use Shadowbox on any web page. Using Shadowbox, you can easily scroll through a gallery of images.

  • Visual LightBox: This free plug-in is similar to Shadowbox, but it works on sites that don’t have WordPress installed. You can also set Visual LightBox to import images from Flickr or other photo-sharing sites.