Editing Sounds in Flash CS3

By Ellen Finkelstein, Gurdy Leete

After you place a sound in Flash CS3, you can edit the sound to fine-tune its settings. You should delete unused or unwanted portions of a sound to reduce file size. You can also change the volume while the sound plays.

To edit a sound, follow these steps:

1. Click a frame that contains a sound.

2. Choose Window –> Properties –> Properties to open the Property inspector, if it isn’t already open.

If necessary, expand the Property inspector to its full size.

3. Click the Edit button to open the Edit Envelope dialog box.

To see a specific section of a sound in more detail, click the Zoom In button. Zoom in when you want to edit small details of a sound.

To see more of a sound’s time frame, click the Zoom Out button. Zoom out to edit the sound as a whole.

You can display sounds in terms of seconds or frames. Click the Seconds button to show sounds in seconds. Click the Frames button to display sounds by frames.

Deleting parts of a sound

Between the left (top) and right (bottom) channel display is a narrow strip that controls the starting and ending points of a sound. By deleting the beginning and end of a sound, you can eliminate unused portions of the sound. Along this strip are two vertical bars: one at the beginning of the sound and another at the end. These bars control when the sound starts and ends. Use them to edit the sound as follows:

  • Time In control: This bar, on the left edge of the sound, specifies the start of the sound. Drag the bar to the right to delete the beginning of the sound.
  • Time Out control: This bar, on the right edge of the sound, specifies the end of the sound. Drag the bar to the left to delete the end of the sound.

Changing the volume

On both the left and right channel displays, Flash shows an envelope line to indicate the approximate direction of the sound’s volume. Where the volume changes, Flash places small squares, called envelope handles. To change the sound’s volume, drag an envelope handle up (to increase the volume) or down (to decrease the volume). This is how you create sound fade-ins and fadeouts.

You can click an envelope line to add a new envelope handle. This new handle enables you to create a new direction for the sound’s volume at the handle’s location. To remove an envelope handle, click it and drag it out of the Edit Envelope window.

When you finish editing a sound, click OK to close the Edit Envelope dialog box.