Setting Menu Options for a Drupal Basic Page - dummies

Setting Menu Options for a Drupal Basic Page

By Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy

The Menu Settings form for Drupal basic pages is located by navigating to your basic page. Then choose Content→Find Content and click the Edit link next to your basic page. You see the Menu Settings tab near the bottom of the form. Click this tab to open the Menu Settings form.


These settings allow you to put a link to your basic page in a menu that will appear on every page of your site.

    Giving your node a menu link title

Your basic page already has a title. In this example, the page title is Contact Us. The Menu Link Title text box is where you specify what text to use to link to your page. In this case, Contact Us is appropriate.

Most of the time, your page title will be the perfect text to use as the link. It’s possible, however, that your page title is too long to be a good link title, and this is how you can reword it to be more succinct.

    Choosing a parent item

The menu in which you want to put your current page link is called the main menu. The main menu appears on every page of the site. By default, it currently displays the Home link. When this link is added, it will appear as a new menu item to the left of the Home link, just under the site header. Your new link will appear after you complete this form and save your page.


Choose the option <Main Menu> from the Parent Item drop-down list. This puts your new link to your page in the main menu.

    Setting the link weight

The Weight setting controls where in the menu your link appears. If you choose –50 from this menu, your link will be at the left (or at the top if the menu is displayed vertically) of the main menu. Choosing 50 will make your link appear on the right (or at the bottom) of the menu.

In this case, it makes sense to choose a higher number (that is, “heavier” weight), so the Contact Us link will always be the last one in the main menu.

When you’re choosing a weight for your menu items, consider the big picture. Will your site have several links? Does it make sense to put the About Us link in front of the Contact Us link? Make a list of links and assign a weight to each one before you actually create them.

If you know you want Contact Us to always be the rightmost link, give it a weight of 50. If you know you want your Products link always to appear on the left, because people will see it first, give it a weight of –50.

When you create or edit an article node, you also have a Menu Settings section on the form. It works exactly the same way as it does for Drupal basic pages.