Modified Drupal Theme Installation - dummies

Modified Drupal Theme Installation

By Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy

If you want to modify the theme on your Drupal page but haven’t made any actual changes yet, it’s a good time to get your theme installed to make sure the .info file is correctly configured. Use FTP or your web host’s file manager program to move the folder containing your new theme into the Drupal sites/all/themes directory on your web server.

In the current example, this means copying the entire drupalfordummies folder — with all the theme files — into the directory under sites/all/themes.

You may find it easier to zip your theme folder, transfer it to your web server’s sites/all/themes directory, extract it, and then delete the original zip file.

If you have correctly changed the theme folder name, the name of the .info file, and the information inside the .info file, you will see your theme in the list when you choose Appearance.


You see your theme, your theme’s description, and a thumbnail for your theme.

Click the Enable and Set Default link. This will make it easier for you to see the changes to your theme as you make them.

Because some themes don’t display the main menu by default, your theme may not either. To display your main menu links, follow these steps:

  1. With your theme enabled and set as default, choose Structure→Blocks.

  2. Click the tab at the top-right with your theme’s name.

  3. Find the Main menu item in the list and drag it to the top of the Right Sidebar section.

  4. Click Save Blocks.

Right now, your main menu links are titled Main menu on your site. If you want to remove that title, choose Structure→Blocks. Click the Configure link next to Main menu. In the Block Title text box, type <none> and then click the Save Block button. That’s it.