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Manage Comment Settings in Drupal

By Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy

When you create Drupal content, you use the Comment settings to control whether registered users can add comments. As the site administrator, you can also hide, edit, or delete user comments or close your post (prevent user comments).


When you open comments, a link appears at the end of your post. When comments are posted, a link to view the comments is visible, as shown.


To view comments on a post, click the Comment link or the title of the posting. Doing so opens the article or basic page node in its own page, with the comments visible and a link for users to add a new comment.


The administrator (or users with sufficient permissions) will see links for deleting or editing the comment. Users can also reply to comments.

    Considerations of allowing comments

A primary difference between basic pages and articles is whether comments are permitted by default. Basic pages don’t allow comments by default; articles do. The Comment settings control this capability in two ways by default:

  • When you create a basic page, comments are closed by default.

  • When you create an article, comments are permitted.

Every node you create (for example, each basic page and article) has the option of allowing users to comment. For some types of content, this doesn’t make sense. Our Contact Us page doesn’t need to allow comments. But some content you create may be appropriate for allowing user comments.

A setting under People→Permissions allows you to permit anonymous users (site visitors who are not logged in) to post comments. Do not allow anonymous users to post comments. You leave yourself open to spammers. It’s best to allow only authenticated users (people who are logged in) to post comments.

    Closing comments

If you close comments for your post, no comments will be allowed. The Add New Comment link won’t appear on the page. If you edit a post and change the Comment settings from open to closed, all the current comments will be visible, but no new ones can be added.

    Hiding comments

When comments already exist on a post, and you edit the Comment settings, you will see a third option, Hidden. If you select Hidden, the existing comments will not be displayed. They will not be deleted; they will show up again if you choose Open or Closed.