Installing Drupal: Extracting Software - dummies

Installing Drupal: Extracting Software

By Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy

After the Drupal software .zip file is located on your web host you will need to extract the software before installing and configuring Drupal. Most file managers can extract your Drupal file for you. Here’s an example of how it works. Your version may differ, so contact your web host for help if you can’t find the same functions on your file manager.

  1. Find the Drupal .zip file you just uploaded to your web directory and select it. Select View to see the contents of the file.

    You see a list of files stored inside your .zip file.


  2. You should see an option to extract or uncompress your files. Choose Extract.

    Doing so uncompresses your single .zip file into a folder with the same name (for example, drupal-7.0). This will take you back to the main directory. You’ll see both the compressed file (for example, and the uncompressed files in a new directory (for example, a folder named drupal-7.0).

    As things stand now, visitors coming to your website (for example, if your site is will only get to the Drupal site if they type something like in the browser’s address bar. This is not a great URL. You should move your Drupal files to your main site or to a different folder with a simpler name. Read on.

  3. Select the new folder (for example, drupal-7.0) and click the Move command in your file manager.

    You should see a form, like the one shown, that asks you to type in a directory name. This will become the new name of the folder in which your Drupal files are stored. For example, if you type in test, and choose Move, the contents of your drupal-7.0 directory will be moved to a directory named test. Visitors to your site will need to type your domain name and this directory to get to the Drupal site (say


If you want your Drupal site to be visible when people browse to your main site (for example,, the process can be a little trickier. You first need to select the Drupal directory to see all the files and folders in it.

Everything in the folder needs to be selected. There’s usually a Select all option somewhere in the file manager. With everything selected, type /html in the Move box, where html is the name of your web directory. (Remember, yours may be named www or htdocs or something else.) This moves all the files in the Drupal directory immediately under your main web directory.

Use this option with caution; it’s painful to delete all those files if you change your mind later.