Installing Drupal Activity Stream - dummies

Installing Drupal Activity Stream

By Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy

Getting people to visit your Drupal site is all about social media and pulling content from other sites. Activity Stream is a Drupal module that lets you publish your social media content on your own website. The Activity Stream module should be available via a link on the Drupal website.

As of this writing, you can’t copy the URL of this module. You will need to download the file to your local computer and then upload it to your Drupal site. But first, go to and see if you can get the URL of the file from there. If not, follow these steps to download the file:

  1. Browse to

  2. Click the Downloads button.


  3. Click the Download button to download this module.

  4. Save this file to a directory you’ll remember easily.

    This module downloads as a single compressed .tar.gz or .zip file.

  5. Log in to your control panel on your web host’s website or use an FTP client.

  6. Find and click the link to a file manager.

    After you click the file manager, you will see a screen that displays the files on your web server.

  7. You should see a single folder or directory named html, www, or htdocs. Click its name to open it.

    There may be several directories, but the one for your website should be easy to spot.

  8. If you see the Drupal directory, click it, and then click the modules directory. If not, locate the modules directory and click it.

  9. Click the Upload link on your file manager.

    You should see an upload form with a Browse button.

  10. Click Browse and find the Activity Stream module file you downloaded. Click Upload.

    The compressed Activity Stream module file is now on your site in the correct folder and ready to be extracted.

  11. Click the Activity Stream file to select it.

    You see a list of files that are stored inside your compressed file, all selected.

  12. You should see an option to uncompress the files. Leave the All check box selected and click the Go button.

  13. Select the original Activity Stream module .tar.gz or .zip file on your web server and delete it.