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Great Themes for your Drupal Site

By Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy

Drupal sites can be customized with free themes available for download from While there are many themes available, these five are particularly awesome and worth a peek.

BlogBuzz II Theme

BlogBuzz II is a theme designed with bloggers in mind. Its clean lines and minimal feature set allow a site’s administrator and users to focus on content creation, instead of spending their time endlessly tweaking settings.


That’s not to say BlogBuzz can’t be tinkered with — far from it. In addition to being able to select from four different color palettes, an administrator can also insert a personalized site logo, redeploy menus and modules to a number of areas within the theme, and control how user information appears on the site.

Jackson Theme

Did you build your website in a fever? Is it hotter than a pepper sprout? Then you’ve been waiting for Jackson ever since Drupal 7 came out! Johnny Cash references aside, Jackson is an ideal theme to consider if you’re creating a web presence for your small business or a community organization.

Clean and professional in appearance, a site dressed up by this winning theme will no doubt garner the respect and credibility that your endeavors deserve.


BlueMasters Theme

BlueMasters started life as a popular WordPress CMS theme before being ported over for use with Drupal by the open source community. Aside from being relentlessly blue, the theme offers a number of features that will appeal to individuals seeking to build a magazine or portfolio style website, including built-in social media connectivity, a slick slideshow-style image gallery, twelve block regions, and options to implement a two- or three-column layout.

As you can see the following illustration, even in the theme’s default form, it’s definitely a looker.


Zen Theme

If you’re a designer charged with rolling out a Drupal site for your client in record time, you’re going to absolutely love Zen. A standards-compliant theme, Zen is pretty bleak insofar as aesthetics are concerned. That’s because the theme wasn’t designed to look pretty. Instead, Zen was created to act as the backbone for the development of complex PHP- and CSS-enabled sites.

So instead of having to build a one-in-a-million Drupal theme from scratch, you can load the Zen theme and use it as a framework to build something utterly unique in half the time.

It’s bursting at the seams with options and flexibility; you’ll want to consider using Zen for your site, or for those of your clients, if you have a strong background in design and the ability to churn out Cascading Style Sheets in your sleep.


Marinelli Theme

Boasting a three-column layout, a generously-sized customizable image banner, and easy-to-locate tabs for your site’s primary links, Marinelli is a great theme choice for anyone who wants a clean, visitor-friendly look for a site. Marinelli is compatible with most modern browsers and boasts some really nice interface touches, including front-end drop-down lists, eight collapsible regions, and support for rotating banners. As you can see, Marinelli is one good-looking theme.