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Great Drupal Modules: Printer, E-mail, and PDF Versions

By Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy

By downloading and installing the Printer, E-mail, and PDF Versions module to your Drupal site, your visitors can print, e-mail, and create PDF versions of content.

After the module has been downloaded and installed, you control its settings by choosing Modules→Printer, E-mail, and PDF Versions. There are three rows: PDF Version, Printer-Friendly Pages, and Send by E-mail. Each of these options can be configured.


This module gives you nearly complete control over its appearance and behavior. For example, you can specify the text or logo to be used to produce the print, e-mail, or PDF output. With the e-mail output, among many other options, you can control how many e-mails a user can send out in an hour.

By default, no basic pages or articles on your site will have the print, e-mail, or PDF links. You have to activate them. After you install the module, each time you create content, you will see a Printer, E-Mail and PDF Versions tab on the content creation page. This controls whether this content can be output, and in what fashion.

When you publish your content, Print, E-mail to a Friend, or Create a PDF links will appear. By default, they show up after the Add New Comment link at the end of the content.