Extracting Drupal Module or Theme Files - dummies

Extracting Drupal Module or Theme Files

By Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy

The process of installing new Drupal Modules or Themes often means you will be dealing with compressed files that must be extracted. The file extensions .zip or .tar.gz indicate that many files are compressed into a single file. File managers can extract your compressed file for you.

Following is an example of how it works. (Your version may differ, so contact your web host for help if you can’t find the same functions on your file manager.) Follow these steps to extract compressed files:

  1. Find the module or theme .tar.gz (or .zip) file you uploaded to the modules or themes directory and select it. Click the filename to open the file.

    You see a list of files that are stored inside your .zip file. They will all be selected.

  2. You should see an option to uncompress your files. Leave the selection box set to Uncompress All and click the Go button.

    This uncompresses your single .zip file into a folder with the same name. You now see both the compressed file (for example, supercoolmodule.tar.gz) and the uncompressed files in a new directory (for example, a folder named supercoolmodule).

  3. Select the original .tar.gz or .zip file on your web server and delete it.

    Be careful to delete only the compressed file that the new module or theme came in — and nothing else.

Take a look inside the folder containing your new theme or module. If you see files named INSTALL.txt or README.txt, there may be more steps you have to follow for that specific module or theme. You need to read the instructions in that file.

You may be able to view it through the file manager on your web server. If not, the file manager can send a copy of the file to your desktop so you can open it in Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac).