Drupal Ubercart Site Product Listings - dummies

Drupal Ubercart Site Product Listings

By Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy

After you install Drupal Ubercart, you’re ready to add product listings to your Drupal site. With Ubercart, product listings are a type of content. To create your first product listing, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Add Content→Product.

    This opens the form shown.


  2. Enter a name for your product in the Name field.

  3. Enter a description of your product in the Description field.

  4. In the Product Information section, enter the SKU number for it or a unique description for your product.

    SKU stands for stockkeeping unit. It’s a unique number or combination of numbers and letters that represents a particular product. The SKU allows a product to be tracked for inventory. An SKU is associated with a particular item in a store or catalog. For example, a dog toy of a particular style and size might have an SKU of 1234-M, meaning Style 1234, size medium.

  5. In the List Price field, you can optionally enter the manufacturer’s suggested list price.

  6. In the Cost field, you can optionally enter the cost you paid for the item.

  7. In the Sell Price field, enter the cost of the item for shoppers to purchase it.

  8. If you need to know the weight of an item to figure shipping costs, enter the weight of the item in the Weight field.

    You can modify the value in the Unit of Measurement drop-down list as needed.

  9. Enter the dimensions of the item in the Length, Width, and Height fields.

    Change the Unit of Measurement drop-down list as needed.

  10. Enter the number that you can fit into one box in the Maximum Package Quantity field.

  11. Change the List Position to control how high or low this item will show up in a list of items.

  12. The rest of the options are the same as used in any content item.

    Change them if you want.

  13. Click Save.

Your first product listing is created. By default, it’s posted on the main page of your site. Repeat this process to add more products. Each one will be added to your storefront.

If you don’t want your products to appear on the main page of your site by default, modify the Publishing options setting by deselecting the Promoted to the Front Page check box.

Clicking a product name opens the product information page.