Drupal Theme Region Customization - dummies

Drupal Theme Region Customization

By Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy

A useful feature of most Drupal themes is the capability to customize where various page elements (such as blocks containing navigation) appear on the page. For example, you can move the User login from the Left Sidebar region to the Right Sidebar region. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Log in as Administrator.

  2. Change to the Garland theme by clicking Appearance on the Dashboard menu bar.

    You see the Appearance overlay open.

  3. Scroll to Garland and click the Set Default link.


  4. Click the Save Configuration button.

  5. From the Dashboard menu bar, choose Structure→Blocks.

    You see the Block configuration page in the following illustration.

    This page allows you to move blocks from one region to another. Because the User login form is contained in a block, when you move that particular block to another region, the User Login form moves.

  6. Look at the table on this page and locate the block you want to move. Click the drop-down list next to it and choose another region.

    In the example, Right Sidebar was selected from the User Login drop-down list. The User Login label moves down to the Right Sidebar section of the table.


    You can also simply grab and drag the cross icon down into another section of the table.

  7. Scroll down and click Save Blocks.

In the example, the login form now appears in the Right Sidebar region. To see your changes, log out of the site and then browse to the home page. To change it back, log in as administrator, return to the Block configuration page, and drag the User Login back up into the Left Sidebar section. Easy like pancakes!

See the tabs for your other enabled themes near the top of this page? If you click one of the other themes and move blocks around, you see those changes reflected on the website only when you make that theme the default. This means you can change the block settings without changing themes.

Because this page changes your theme temporarily when you click a different theme, you can preview how the page will look when you move blocks. That’s why the Blocks configuration page displays the label for each region.

You move any of the built-in blocks in a given theme from one region to any other in the same way — by using the drop-down list or dragging the block into the region where you want it.

In the Block configuration page, the order of blocks matters. Suppose you have three blocks under the Left Sidebar region. The order they’re in will be the order in which they appear on all your web pages. You can order the blocks within a region by dragging them above or below other blocks in the same region.

For example, if you want the User Login block to appear as the bottom item in the Right Sidebar region, drag it under any other blocks in the list.