Drupal Resources - dummies

By Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy

There are many great resources where you can get help, download new themes, and meet other Drupal users. These ten websites let you connect with other users to garner even more knowledge about Drupal, because after you’ve built one site using Drupal, there’s no reason not to build more.

Drupal.org Forum

When in doubt, go to the source! The Drupal.org website has a great user forum full of people from around the world willing to share their expertise. To access the forum, browse to Drupal Forum.

You don’t need an account on the Drupal.org site to read the forum, but you do need an account to post your own questions. Having an account also enables you to receive notifications when your questions get responses, as well as other news about Drupal.


Twitter may seem an unlikely source for Drupal help and information, but it’s worth a bit of attention. You can screen for tweets about Drupal topics by typing #drupal in the search box located on the right side of the Twitter home page. Many of the resulting tweets point you at new themes, Drupal sites, and Drupal developments.


Facebook may seem like another unlikely resource for Drupal news or help, but the Facebook Drupal group is a great place to get help and ideas.

To join the group, you need a Facebook account (go to Facebook to sign up). After you have an account, click the small groups icon on the bottom right of the screen. You can also browse directly to Facebook Drupal.

Learn By The Drop

If you like video demonstrations, LearnbytheDrop is a good site to visit. This site contains a number of video and written tutorials for Drupal.


Another tutorial site with videos is GotDrupal.com. The videos are created as the site is being developed, and it’s a bit like watching a house being built.

Drupal.org Mailing Lists

It’s a good idea to stay informed of Drupal news. The Drupal.org site offers a number of mailing lists. These are located at Drupal.org Mailinglists.

You should sign up for these lists:

  • Support: A list for support questions.

  • Development: A list for Drupal developers.

  • Consulting: A list for Drupal consultants and Drupal service/hosting providers.

Drupal.org Themes

The Drupal.org site is a great place to turn and has links to newly developed themes. You can find them at Drupal Project Themes.


Another site with great new themes is Drupal2U.

Drupal.org User Groups

The Drupal.org site keeps a list of local Drupal user groups. These groups can be a great place to meet other Drupal users and site administrators, pool information, learn new site development skills and network. To access the directory of groups, visit Drupal Groups.


Meetup.com is a great place to find other people in your area who are building Drupal sites. Just like with Drupal user groups, meetups are a great way to meet other Drupal users and share information. To find a local Drupal Meetup group, visit Drupal Meetup.