Drupal Gardens Pages and Block - dummies

Drupal Gardens Pages and Block

By Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy

As with the Features list, when you first create your Drupal Gardens site, you can choose which preinstalled pages and blocks you want to appear on your site. Pages and blocks are exactly what you think they are: web pages or content blocks that serve some specific purpose (for example, Contact Us or Frequently Asked Questions). The following illustration displays a site with all possible blocks and pages active.


Here are the available blocks and pages:

  • About: Creates a page where you can enter information about your site. The illustration displays this page and its Edit tab. Editing content on Drupal Gardens pages is the same as on an installed Drupal site.

  • Forums: Installs and enables the Forum module.

  • News: Displays news items. News items are a specific content type you can create when you click Add Content. News items are intended for frequently updated and time-sensitive content.

  • Blog: Posts a new blog entry on the Blog page.

  • Contact Us: Creates a page containing a form for site visitors to contact you. The submitted information is e-mailed to you.

  • FAQ: Anticipate and answer the questions visitors to your site commonly ask.

There are some additional Product template specific pages and blocks:

  • Product overview: A block where you can display an overview of your product’s details.

  • Testimonials: A page where you can add customer testimonials.


  • Customers: A block that displays the names and logos of your most impressive corporate customers.

  • Product Feature blocks: Blocks where you can list three products or the benefits of a product.

If you want a site with every possible feature page and block available to you, choose the Product template and turn everything on.