Drupal Display Element Settings - dummies

Drupal Display Element Settings

By Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy

Of all the Drupal display settings you can control, by far the most powerful are the appearance or absence of the elements. Here are the common element settings in Drupal that you can turn on and off and what they do:

  • Logo: Simply enough, this check box controls whether your site has a logo. By default, it is the Drupal logo, unless you specify another one in the logo image settings section further down on this page.

  • Site Name: Select this check box if you want the site name to appear. To set your site name, log in as administrator and on the Dashboard menu bar, click Configuration. When the overlay opens, click the Site Information pane. Whatever you type in the Site Name text box appears as the site name.

  • Site Slogan: Also set on in the Configuration overlay’s Site Information pane, the site slogan text is an optional field that shows up on all pages of your site, typically under the site name, depending on the theme.

  • User Pictures in Posts: This controls whether the picture of the user who made a post appears in that post.

  • User Pictures in Comments: If selected, the picture of each user appears next to any comments he makes. Both this setting and the User Pictures in Posts setting depend on whether you have allowed users to have picture support.

  • User Verification Status in Comments: If selected, a registered site user’s name and a link to his or her account will appear whenever the user makes a comment on site content. Additionally, when turned on, this setting will also turn on a mark indicating that anonymous site users leaving comments on the site have not been verified as registered users by the site administrator.

  • Shortcut Icon: This check box controls whether visitors see a favicon in the address bar. By default, it is the Drupal logo, unless you specify another one in the shortcut icon settings section further down on this page.

  • Main Menu: Deselecting the Main Menu check box hides your primary links from the user. In general, always leave this checked.

  • Secondary Links: This is also one you typically leave selected. When it’s deselected, the secondary links don’t appear.