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Drupal Administrative Settings for User E-mail

By Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy

The last section of the Account Settings page in Drupal contains a pane titled E-mails. From here, you can customize the e-mails that get sent out to users by Drupal when certain things happen on your site.

For example, here is where you can change the text sent to people who register. The E-mails pane handles more than just site registration e-mails. The following illustration shows the list of situational e-mails that Drupal handles. The Subject line and Body of each e-mail type can be altered by an administrator. This is great news for Drupal site administrators who want to provide a personal greeting to their site’s new users.


To look at or edit any individual e-mail form, click its title.

Take a close look at the e-mail listed under Welcome, awaiting administrator approval. It starts with the word [user:name]. Any time you see a word bracketed like this in these e-mails, the word is a stand-in. Because this e-mail is meant to go to any new registering user, Drupal uses [user:name] and then replaces it with the appropriate username when it sends an e-mail to a specific user.

If you edit these e-mails, pay special attention to any words that are placeholders. These are the most commonly used:

  • [user:name]: The username of the e-mail recipient.

  • [site:name]: The site name that you set in the site configuration settings.

  • [user:one-time-login-url]: A URL that takes the new user directly to the Edit tab of the My Account page where he can change his password.

  • [user:mail]: The e-mail address of the e-mail recipient.

There are seven e-mails you can modify here:

  • Welcome (New User Created by Administrator): If you select the first option under the User Registration settings, this is the e-mail that gets sent to the user.

  • Welcome (Awaiting Approval): If you select the Visitors, But Administrator Approval Is Required option under the User Registration settings, this e-mail is sent to the user. This is the e-mail you received, when you create a user account.

    Edit this e-mail to let the user know how long the approval will take.

  • Welcome (No Approval Required): Sent to users if you select the Visitors option under the user registration settings.

  • Account Activation: If you are using the Visitors, But Administrator Approval Is Required option under user registration settings, this message gets sent to the user when you approve his account.

  • Account Blocked: If you block a user account, this e-mail informs him that he won’t be able to log in to the site.

  • Account Cancellation Confirmation: Should a registered user decide to cancel the account, this is the e-mail sent.

  • Account Canceled: This e-mail is sent to a user to confirm that his or her account has been canceled.

  • Password Recovery: Visitors who aren’t logged in see a link to request a new password. After they enter the appropriate username or e-mail address, this is the e-mail they are sent. It contains a link to a page on which they can reset the password.