Creation of RSS Feed for Your Drupal Site - dummies

Creation of RSS Feed for Your Drupal Site

By Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy

With Drupal, not only can you pull in RSS feed content from other sites, but you also can create your own Drupal site RSS feed for other sites to pull content from you. Behind the scenes, Drupal has already created an RSS feed; you just give your site visitors a link to it.

Follow these steps to link visitors to your RSS feed:

  1. Choose Structure→Blocks.

  2. Find Syndicate in the list under the Disabled section. Move it to the location you want.

    In this example, it is dragged to the bottom of the Sidebar first.

  3. Click Save Blocks.

    You now have a Syndicate block on your site, with a small logo.


    This logo is used all over the web to represent RSS feeds. You can click it on a site with a feed you want to use, copy the URL from the address bar of the page that opens, and use it with Feed Aggregator.

  4. You can remove or change the title of the Syndicate block by clicking the Configure link next to it on the Blocks page.

  5. Type a new title — or, if you don’t want a title, type <none>.

  6. Click Save Block.

    Clicking this logo opens your feed page. In the case of this example, it looks like DrupalforDummies RSS.