Creating a Drupal Blog Link - dummies

By Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy

Creating links in your Drupal blog is a good way for your visitors to move easily among your pages and gives new visitors the chance to explore your older posts. If you click the link to your Drupal blog under your My Account page, you’re taken to the blog’s main page. Copy the URL from your browser’s navigation bar.

To add a link to your blog to the Primary Links menu, follow these steps:

  1. From the Dashboard menu bar, choose Structure→Menus.

  2. Locate the menu you want to show a link to your blog in, and click List Links from that menu’s column.

    For this exercise, select List Links from the Navigation menu row. The Navigation Menu Links overlay opens.

  3. Click the Add link.

  4. In the Menu Link Title text box, enter the text you want for your link.

    For this example, Drupal For Dummies Blog was entered.

  5. In the Path text box, enter the URL of your blog.

    In the example it is

  6. (Optional) Enter a description of the blog entry in the Description text box.

    Entering a description is a good idea. When visitors to your site move their mouse cursors over the link, they see this text. It also provides search engines a little more information about your site and can improve your ranking in search results. (Every little bit helps!)

  7. Click Save.

    You’re now back on the List items page.

Did it work? There’s only one way to find out. Close the Menu Link overlay and navigate to your front page. Behold! A link to your blog now resides in the Navigation menu!