Additional Drupal Modules: Poll - dummies

Additional Drupal Modules: Poll

By Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy

Polls are great for community sites because they get people involved. If you use them to query your users about directions your Drupal site should take you can also collect valuable information.. To activate the Poll module and set up a poll, follow these steps:

  1. Click Modules on the Dashboard menu bar.

  2. Select the Poll check box.

  3. Click Save Configuration.

  4. Choose Content→Add Content→Poll to set up a new poll.

    The Create Poll form is shown in the following illustration.


  5. Enter a poll question in the Question text box.

  6. Enter one of the possible answers in the first Choice text box.

  7. Enter another possible answer in the second Choice text box.

  8. If you want more than two choices, click the More Choices button. Enter the new choice in the third Choice text box.

  9. Make sure the Active radio button is selected under Poll Status.

    If the Closed radio button is selected, the poll and the voting results will be visible, but no more voting will be allowed.

  10. Click Preview to see your question. When you’re happy with it, click Save.

The poll question will now be published on the front page of your site.


After a user clicks a choice, he sees the voting results. He can also cancel his vote if he chooses.

The Create Poll form also controls a few other poll settings:

  • Poll publishing options: As with a new post, your poll shows up as the top item on your home page. This can be changed for an individual post by changing the Publishing Options section of the Create Poll page by deselecting the Promoted to Front Page check box.

    If you never want your poll to appear on the front page, you can control the behavior for all polls. Follow these steps:

    1. Choose Structure→Content Types.

    2. Click the Edit link next to the Poll type and deselect the Published To Front Page check box under Publishing Options.

    3. Click Save Content Type.

  • Comments about poll: By default, your poll allows registered users to comment. You can change this by modifying the Comment settings section of the Create Poll page. Your choices are Open or Closed.

  • Location of Poll: You can control in which block your poll appears. Follow these steps:

    1. Choose Structure→Blocks.

      The item Most Recent Poll appears near the bottom of the page under the Disabled section.

    2. Change the drop-down list or drag it to the region of your choice.

    3. Click Save Blocks.