Creating a New Story in Manga Studio - dummies

Creating a New Story in Manga Studio

By Doug Hills

Manga Studio provides a great organizational tool for those who may be working on a book (or a chapter of a book). Creating a new story allows you to have as many pages as you need in one convenient place. Now, instead of opening an individual page to work on, you can open a story, select your page from a list, add and delete pages as needed, create two-page spreads, and preview how consecutive pages may look when placed together.

To create a new story, follow these steps:

1. From the main menu, choose File –> New –> Story.

Alternatively, click the New Story Icon on the toolbar (second from the left), or you can press Ctrl+Alt+N (Command+Option+N on the Mac) on your keyboard.

The New Story dialog box pops up. It’s just like the one used for creating a new page (custom pages or page templates), except that there is a new group of settings available called Page Settings:

Pages: This is where you enter the number of pages you want for your story or chapter. The drop-down list provides a selection of choices, or you can enter your own number.

Closing Position: This setting depends on how you would like the book to be read. If you’re going for an authentic manga style, where the reader reads from right to left, choose Right. If you’d like the reader to read from left to right, choose Left.

Starting Page: This determines what the starting position for the first page of your book will be. If you’d like the first page to start on the right side, choose Right; for the left side, choose Left.

Page Structure: This gives you the option of either keeping each page in the story separate (Single) or joining them together by twos, so you can spread your art over two pages (Double).

2. After you’ve adjusted your page settings, create or select your page size and print guides.

3. Enter the name of your story in the Name text box, located in the Save section at the bottom of the dialog box.

4. Click the Location button to select the place on your computer you’d like the files saved.

5. When that’s all set, click the OK button.

A new window appears, containing thumbnails of all the pages you’ve created for your story. All you need to do now is double-click your mouse on the page (or pages, if it’s a two-page spread) you’d like to work on, and it opens in a new window!

What happens if you’re working on your story and you realize that you have too many pages (or not enough)? Manga Studio has that covered as well!

1. Choose Story –> Insert Page.

Alternatively, right-click (Control+click on the Mac) a story page and select Insert Page. Or click the Show Menu button on the toolbar and select Insert Page.

The Insert Page window pops up. You can’t choose a page size different from what you already selected for your story, but you can choose the number of pages you wish to add.

a. Enter the number of pages you wish to add in the Insert Page combo box (or select a number from the list provided).

b. Select whether you want to add these pages before or after the current page.

2. If you want to delete a page, select Delete Page.

3. When you’re done, click the OK button.

From the Story Window, you can adjust the single/double page settings on a page-by-page basis. To do this, click the page you wish to combine or separate and choose either Story –> Match Pages to combine them or Story –> Unmatch Pages to split them up.