Modules and Skins in the DotNetNuke Store - dummies

Modules and Skins in the DotNetNuke Store

By Lorraine Young, Philip Beadle, Scott Willhite, Chris Paterra

Part of DotNetNuke For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The DotNetNuke (DNN) Store offers a wide variety of paid modules and skins for DNN users. The store is a marketplace for users to locate, purchase, and download third-party add-ons for DNN. The store also provides online services, which enables developers to publish, sell, and support DNN apps.

  • Modules: You can search through thousands of modules in the DNN Store for your site, filtering by category, product needs, price, and average review.

    A module is a piece of functionality that you can add to a webpage to show content. The layout of a DNN website is designed by adding one or more modules to a page. If you want to add an interactive map or a search engine to your webpage, you could do so by adding a map module or a search engine module, for example.

  • Skins: The selection of available skins for purchase in the DNN Store can be searched for by color, type (basic, CSS, Flash, or HTML, for example), and genre (these are skins designed with a particular topic in mind, for example a business or sports-related website).

    Design in DNN is called skinning. When you want to add a design to your DNN website, you simply slip a new skin onto it. A skin sets the layout of the page, controls the colors of the page, and controls the standard colors and sizes of text and headings on the page.