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Content Delivery Networks for Mobile Website Videos

When you look for a third party to deliver video content to your mobile users, remember that a dedicated content delivery network (CDN) provides high-end video hosting services for a price. A video sharing site such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Viddler offers free or low-cost services.

Leading CDNs in the marketplace include the following:

  • Brightcove: Brightcove, a larger player in the online video market, has rolled out a wide array of products to suit its high-end customers. A lot of its focus for the iPad/iPhone has been on delivering video for apps rather than for websites, but it has sophisticated content management, monetization, and syndication tools. If you’re dealing with mission-critical videos and you need a bulletproof solution (and you have the budget), Brightcove is a good choice.

  • Kaltura: This open source video environment (online editing, management, player, and syndication) has been adopted by the Wikimedia site to handle the delivery of its growing video assets. Kaltura serves many large sites, including Wikipedia, Coca-Cola, and CNET.

  • Limelight Networks: Like its competition, Limelight Networks has rolled out a product aimed at the mobile video market. The company claims that Limelight REACH can transcode video on the fly to adapt to whichever device receives the video stream.

  • Mobile CDN: Mobile CDN laid claim to being the first CDN to launch a live streaming video application when it “mobilecast” the NBA All-Star game in 2009. Though this true boutique operation specializes in mobile video, it doesn’t have the most polished offerings or customer service.

  • Ooyala: The CDN with the funny name is serious about trying to find features the others don’t have. Your visitors can use the Ooyala Playlist function to view multiple videos from within the same player and avoid having to reload web pages. The OoyalaDirect iPhone app lets users upload high-quality video to the web from their iPhones.

  • Sorenson 360: Sorenson is known more for its video compression engine. However, it has branched out into video hosting and delivery and was one of the first companies to make a big marketing push based on its ability to host and serve video specifically optimized for the iPhone/iPad platform.