Build Slideshows with Flickr Gallery - dummies

Build Slideshows with Flickr Gallery

As the most popular photo-sharing site on the web, Flickr has a useful mix of both proprietary and third-party tools to allow designers to insert photo galleries and slideshows on their sites. Unfortunately, the Flickr tools for generating slideshows and galleries use Flash, a technology that neither the iPhone nor iPad supports.


However, the third-party Flickr Gallery tool uses iPhone/iPad-friendly jQuery or the Prototype/ to display the images, and has other neat features, such as zoom effects, rounded corners, and automatic thumbnail creation.

The non-commercial use of Flickr Gallery is free. If you’re using Flickr Gallery for business purposes, you pay from $49 to $69 per year, depending on the number of sites you use it on. The business-level Flickr Gallery allows you to replace their watermark with your own logo.

Although Flickr Gallery makes it possible to display a photo gallery of all images uploaded to Flickr that are tagged with the word cheeseburger, the pictures that are then fed into your website may come from Flickr users who might have reserved some of the rights to their images.