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Bring High-Touch Design to the Web

One of the biggest trends in web design is kind of a Back to the Future movement, where designers are dusting off old design textbooks and rethinking the limits to the web that people have settled on for more than a decade.

Because of advances in HTML5 and CSS 3 — including the ability to use any font and to add design features such as drop shadows— you can now design more creative interfaces for the web. Driven by the user experience made possible by the high-touch design space of the iPad, graphic designers are striving to create rich media ― interactive sites that look as good as anything ever designed for print.

The big news in the world of iPad design is precisely that — design. Over the past decade, the web has been dominated by programmers. The result is text-heavy pages, where navigational elements clutter the design space and users of web browsers settle for only a few common fonts.

The best part of the iPhone experience is not just the eye-pleasing and friendly navigation icons, it’s the beautiful way photos and videos come alive on the screen. Studies have also shown that iPhone and iPad users love their devices.

The intuitive way you touch the screen to navigate, and the ease with which you can curl up with an iPad or iPhone in a comfy chair, make it an inviting device to browse an online photo gallery or surf the web.

The high-resolution screen on the iPad makes it an ideal device for viewing photos and videos.
The high-resolution screen on the iPad makes it an ideal device for viewing photos and videos.

As the new design possibilities of HTML5 and CSS now begin to transform the web, it’s safe to say that the next decade on the Internet will be shaped more than ever by designers and that the World Wide Web will become a more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing place as a result.

Web designers are now experimenting with completely new approaches to interface design. This figure shows an example of the first serious use of CSS 3 in an interactive website.


At Every Time Zone you can drag the bar across the top of the page to compare time zones without reloading the page. The slider is smooth and the clean design helps focus your attention on comparing time zones. This relatively simple site delivers a rich, app-like experience rarely seen on the web.