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Assess Your Current Web Presence

The first step in developing a plan for a new website for the iPhone or iPad is to assess what you have (or don’t have) in the here and now. If you’re creating a completely new website, you need quite a different plan of action than if you’re developing a new version of an existing site for the iPhone or iPad.

Here are a few common starting places and issues to consider:

  • Create an iPhone/iPad site from scratch: If you’re creating a new site from scratch, be sure to start your plan from the beginning. In many ways, this option is the simplest because you don’t have to accommodate legacy content or features that would be difficult to transfer to these new devices.

  • You already have a modern site designed with CSS (cascading style sheets): If your site is already up and running and you created the site following contemporary web standards (which means that you used CSS and HTML to separate the formatting from the content), you’re off to a good start.

    The key point is that separating your design from your content enables you to create your mobile site design from existing content much more easily.

  • You have a very old website: If you created your site years ago and the design is integrated within the HTML, you have your work cut out for you.

    If your site uses the HTML table tag to create the design, you should start by redesigning the old site before you even begin to create the new, mobile version using the latest HTML5 and CSS 3 technologies or choose the first method in this list (to create one from scratch).

  • Taking the time to transition to the more modern model using cascading style sheets saves you time. Creating your site with a clear separation of content and design by developing a site that stores the information in HTML and creates the design with CSS is the proper way to develop sites according to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the group that sets the standards for web technology.

Consider this situation a perfect opportunity to redesign your site to put it to work for you. Start your plan with this first step in mind.